Conscious Dying

Videos or voice recordings of you or a loved one during conscious dying. Personalized prompts are offered to record stories treasured by family and friends.

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Conscious Dying videos

In 2011, my beloved son, Ellis, was killed in a car accident. This forever changed my life. During the next few years I lost my father, my mother-in-law, and my best friend.  While in hospice during the end of my friend's life, I thought of an idea to record messages from him to his children. I wrote some prompts. I asked him to speak to each of them personally and we just took it from there. It was not easy. I asked him to give them messages for weddings he would not be able to attend, for the birth of their children, when they were having a hard time and missed him. I also asked him to share with them things he hoped he taught them and personal stories. These videos are cherished by his kids today. This is why I want to offer this service to anyone needing it. 

"When we talk to our God, however we see it, we use poetry."

Maya Angelou