Jena, Poet for Hire



“Meet the full-of-life wordsmith and lover-of-people Jena Kirkpatrick. The poet who writes beautifully assembled poetry within minutes. Poetry dominates her being. Her teaching is fundamental: Write. It is the essence of communication, but do it with feeling.”

Ricardo Gándara
Austin American Statesman


Over the last three decades, Jena has self-published eight books; co-written, directed and produced three multimedia performance art pieces; and competed in two National Poetry Slam competitions. She is a member of the Trio of Poets with Regie Gibson and Timothy Mason. She leads multiple workshops for Badgerdog Literary Publishing, a writers-in-the-schools nonprofit based in Austin, Texas. She is the editor of Writing for Positive Change, an anthology featuring members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas.


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"To be an artist, I need to immerse myself in my art form. I get ideas from people and I type a poem that affects their lives, then I am sharing my art with them and they're sharing their energy and love with me. And it just keeps going. It works the same way in the classroom."

Cecily Sailer

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